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Judges and sponsors:
2022 programme

The sponsors

Alex Chisholm photo

Alex Chisholm

Chief Operating Officer, Civil Service and Permanent Secretary, Cabinet Office

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Peter Schofield photo

Peter Schofield

Permanent Secretary at the Department for Work and Pensions

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The judges

Sue Bateman photo

Sue Bateman

Interim Chief Data Officer, Central Digital and Data Office, Cabinet Office

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Vicki Chauhan photo

Vicki Chauhan

Head of Public Sector, NTT DATA UK

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Mike Potter

Government Chief Digital Officer, Cabinet Office

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Alison Pritchard photo

Alison Pritchard

Deputy National Statistician and Director General for Data Capability, ONS

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Henry de Zoete photo

Henry de Zoete

Non Executive Board Member, Cabinet Office

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Aydin Sheibani

Chief Data Officer, HMRC

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Simon Bourne

CDDO, Home Office

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Information for managers

All those submitting ideas or volunteering to join a team have required their line manager's permission. If you are selected to join a development team, you'll need to spend time on the project over the coming months; so if you get a new line manager, please show them our Information for line managers page. Here our sponsor, Civil Service Chief Operating Officer Alex Chisholm, explains the benefits of getting involved and asks managers to support participating staff.