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Why should I enter?

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Alex Chisholm

Chief Operating Officer, Civil Service, and Permanent Secretary of the Cabinet Office

“We hope the ideas generated through Civil Service Data Challenge will lead to real improvements in staff tools and public services – but just as important are the benefits for participating civil servants, who’ll gain new skills, experiences and contacts. So please send in your ideas and volunteer to get involved, helping us to make better use of data in government.”

Gain new skills and expertise

Researching and developing a data project, and presenting your findings to senior leaders from across government, you’ll develop new skills in fields such as digital project management, data technologies, evidence-gathering, business planning and public speaking.

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Make new contacts

Joining an interdisciplinary, cross-departmental team with colleagues from a range of employers, professions, roles and grades, during the project you’ll build relationships with partners across government and beyond.

Raise your profile

Civil servants will present ideas to the judges and sponsors, and your participation will be formally recognised by Chief Operating Officer Alex Chisholm – who will also get in touch with your line manager to recognise your contribution to the project.

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Make a difference

Our goal is to find deliverable, value for money ideas that we can move forward to implementation – and the best ideas will receive technical advice and support from NTT DATA to the value of £50,000, plus the backing of senior leaders across government. So you could see your project rolled out, helping to improve the tools used by civil servants and the services received by citizens.

The deadline for submitting ideas has now passed.